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Container logistic

Container storage and carriage, including associated services (parking, repairs, maintenance, complex customs dispatch of service from customs storage).

The significant part of our work is transhipping of goods from/into all kinds of 20' and 40' containers.

clanky/melnik-10These tranships can be divided into two basic groups. The first case concerns loading/unloading of goods which are stocked in our storages, the other case concerns the goods which are transported to us only for purpose of loading/unloading into the containers. We deal not only with normal palette goods but also with the shipments to be handled in a difficult manner. The integral part of these activities is ensuring of the fit fixation and ensuring of goods against damage during the following transport. I.e. ensuring of fixation material which corresponds to nature and character of goods, in case of necessity, we also ensure special treatment with the wood relating to heat (fumigation) and issuing of Phytosanitary certificate with that connected.

In the port Mělník, also a container terminal with total acreage of approx. 80 000 m˛ has been established.

This terminal serves daily for incoming and out-going direct container trains with destination to West-European ports Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, Hamburg and to the east and south of Europe with destination of Bratislava, Budapest and Koper. Besides these main foreign transport flows, also some domestic relations are processed.

clanky/melnik-11The prospect is to extent it up to final acreage of approx. 220 000 m˛. Technical-administrative facilities are also prepared for workers of the terminals and waiting and parking areas are available for drivers ensuring collection and delivery of containers.


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