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Port Ústí nad Labem, T-Port, Ltd.

Left bank of the Elbe river, in the 71,8,-75,3 river kilometer.

clanky/usti-02Groud part of 31,5 ha, water area of the port basin 6 ha.

Commercial activities:

  • transship of goods from and onto the vessels, road vehicles and railway cars through cranes and other handling techniques (palette goods, bulk materials agro-products and minerals, bar steel, sheet metal steel scrolls, piece goods)
  • tranship of heavy items
  • storage of bulk material agro-products and minerals
  • lease of hard and non-hard areas
  • lease of storages, offices
  • customs and spedition services

The port is well connected to railway and road network. The Elbe river enables transport in all European water networks: Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary.

Covered storages, hard areas, handling techniques, customs and spedition dispatchingmake from the port a logistic centre ensuring all services for its customers.

Port storages enable assembling of goods and ensuring of the following transport. Near border checkpoints and highway D8 are the advantages of automobile transport.

Technical parameters of the port:

  • container tranship centre with the acreage of 14 000 mkontejnery 011˛
  • covered storages with acreage of 4 600 ˛
  • cranes 36 t, 8,0 t, VZV 18 t
  • covered storage 2 500 m˛
  • non-hard areas 15 ha


Port Ústí nad Labem, T-Port, Ltd.
Přístavní 432/8
400 07 Ústí nad Labem


tel.: +420 475 503 217
fax: +420 475 503 420