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Premises for commercial utilization

Prague Marina continues in the contemporary area of the Holesovice urban development. Within new development, the existing monumentally protected structures are preserved, which will be utilized later in the next project phases, in the planned development of common modern infrastructure, as office and business premises, restaurants, cafeterias and potential centres for sports and entertainment.

For commercial utilization we offer historical structures in the centre of the Prague Marina residential zone

komercni vyuziti 11These are historical buildings No. 1059, 1060 and No. 789, which directly follow the Prague Marina project, which is currently under the construction and PM Office One.

The unique face of the historical building No. 1059 is the dominant of the locality, and this building is, same as the historical structure No. 1060 and No. 789, predetermined for commercial utilization, in accordance with the needs and demands of the Prague Marina residential zone.

Currently the historical building No. 1059 is under reconstruction, its central part and adjacent wings, formerly used as a storage. The project envisages with the use for urban-type brewery with restaurant. Roof and sheath of the buildings No. 1060 and No. 789 have been reconstructed. The reconstruction of the inner structure will take into the needs of a new tenant. 

The complete area is protected against flooding to a level above the water level of floods in 2002.

In the case of  interest to use the building for rent in a commercial than the originally planned project, an agreement is possible after consultation.

If interested in more information and pricing specifications please contact:

Czech ports, j.s.c.

Tel: 220 800 119

Begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 602 275 089, 604 328 837

zakora@czechports.cz, kotera@czechports.cz

All historical buildings are rented at the moment.