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C-Port, Ltd.

clanky/C-Port-01The activity of the company is focused on the performance of water works on the navigable section of the water course of the Elbe river and the Vltava river and on ensuring carriage and liquidation of excavation materials arising from building activities located in the surroundings of the water route.

Water works

  • essence of the performance of water works is especially the performance of the maintenance of water routes
  • furthermore, the company focuses on the performance of the removing of flooding deposits from the river-channels
  • the company also performs repairs and building of bunding of navigation channels and banks of the navigable rivers

Carriage and liquidation of excavation materials

  • it concerns orders during the building of water works, as are for instance lock chambers, bank walls, buttress walls and other navigation objects
  • furthermore, it concerns orders associated with water part of road and railway bridges
  • a part of the works is also performance of carriage from the building sites in the surroundings of the routes and ports

Within the frame of its activities, the company uses especially the capacity of the company České přístavy, j.s.c., as are vessels, floating cranes and dredges. In addition, the company co-operates with companies, which own special techniques for under-water parts of river-channel, as are underwater dozers Komatsu.

clanky/C-Port-02Since year 2002, the company made series of so called flood dredging from the acceptance of the orders to their handing over to the principal on the Vltava river as well as on the Elbe river.

The company also participated in important building activities in Prague, building of the business centre Palladium in Prague 1 and building of the business-residential complex Prague Marina in Holešovice.


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