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Port Praha Smíchov

clanky/smichov-01Port Praha - Smíchov has the status of the public port with year-round, time-unlimited operation. It comprises of a port basin with acreage of 13,8 ha on the left bank of the Vltava river in the 57,24 - 55,54 river kilometer and an associated ground part with acreage of 14,3 ha.

Commercial activities:

  • tranship of bulk materials
  • four water tranship areas
  • lease of storage areas, storages and offices
  • dock of ships

Entrance into the port basin from the river-channel is situated in the northern part, entrance on the inflow in the southern part is closed. In case of interruption of navigation due to the passage of high water and ice drift, the port has protective function for commercial and personal vessels without passengers with safe exit and entrance for staff of the vessels. The part of the port serves as the dock for recreation vessels and floating equipment.

clanky/smichov-02The left bank of the basin, partly fitted with vertical wall of steel sheet piles with length of approx. 600 m serves especially for cargo navigation and commercial operation of the port, especially for tranship between the water and road transport. The left bank between the basin and Strakonická street constitutes bank partused particularly for storages, offices, tranship areas and areal roads. Between southern connection of the port basin to the river and the port wall and in the parts with slant bank, standpoints for recreation vessels and floating equipment are situated.

The right bank of the basin comprising of the island Císařská louka serves especially for sport and recreation purposes (floating and fixed piers and docks of sport associations). Along this bank, 4 waiting areas are established with floating piers and foot bridges which enable the passage during the floods from the waiting areas up to the head of flood weir, along which an exit path is. The position of these waiting areas constitutes the space for balancing of vessels under all water conditions; the balancing big vessels are ensured by pile sleeves, the piers between the particular pile sleeves serve to the balancing small vessels. Each waiting area is fitted with a drawing point for electricity and water on the flood wall.

On the Císařská louka in the space between the flood wall and the Vltava river, areas used especially as sport places, docks and camps are situated.


In a part of the port along the Strakonická street, an object of the port administration is situated with offices, storage and workshop premises plus social facilities and service and refuelling point designated for pumping over the fuels. The object of the dock on Císařská louka with a restaurant, storages and social facilities and a crane for sinking the ships is owned by České přístavy, j.s.c.

clanky/smichov-03Free capacities for lease:

  • 300 m²sheet metal stock with administrative facilities
  • 1 000 m² of hard area at Strakonická street
  • 3 300 m² of grass plot on Císařská louka
  • two-floored dock hall (500 m²) with grounds of 900 m²

In the commercial zone of the port, hard areas are available which are used as a storage and handling areas for loading, in case of Císařská louka, these are areas which are not fixated with the green and are used for recreation and sport purposes.

Within the period of usual operation, the capacity of the port is 33 big vessels (or more small vessels), within the period of passage of high water and ice drifts the capacity of the port is 48 big vessels (or more small vessels). In the port the vessels can draw water and electricity and emit waste water into the public canalization.

In addition of its funkction of port, there is an idea to realize a development of home and commercial buildings in the north part of an ports-area by a street Strakonická in accordance of changes in ground plan. In area of Císařská louka is situated in flood area, there is no possibility for building development in accordance with function of this area there is possible to realize only narrow type of buildings (such as the buildings determinated for services of recreation are).


Port Smíchov
Strakonická ul., 150 00 Praha 5

Operation of the port
+420 257 321 804
Fax.: +420 257 312 227