České přístavy, j.s.c. - Communication and responsibility towards the public
České přístavy, j.s.c.Ceske pristavy, j.s.c.Communication and … public

Communication and responsibility towards the public

clanky/smichov-03České přístavy are the fundamental member of the Association for the Development of Intermodal Carriage (Asociace pro rozvoj Intermodální přepravy ARIP), member of EFIP European Federation for Inland Ports (Evropský svaz vnitrozemských přístavu), member of Union of Industry and Transport of the CR (Svaz průmyslu a dopravy ČR), of the Czech Navigation and Water Routes Association (České plavební a vodocestné sdruženi) and there is also a prestige membership In group Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V. The company comply with the set of rules included in the international commercial terms and conditions INCOTERMS. The company cooperates with interested parties in the field of water transport and container shipping which brings information on current positions of carriers on the market.