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České přístavy, j.s.c.Ceske pristavy, j.s.c.Development on grounds of CP

Development on grounds of ČP

clanky/pristavy-13For the area of Prague 7, the co-operation of České přístavy with the group Lighthouse Group, www.lighthousegroup.cz, the main investor into the grounds of České přístavy, j.c.s.. on the area of Prague-Holešovice is of the fundamental importance.

Locality of the grounds of the company České přístavy in Prague-Holešovice became dynamically developing locality and has the priority position for the performance of the projects of the group Lighthouse, especially with regards to its good accessibility from the centre. In the frame of the pilot building of one of the most significant European projects, the project of revitalisation of the Port Holešovice a complex of administrative buildings, performance of the development of the building Lighthouse Tower, was already initiated on the left bank of the Vltava in Prague 7 Holešovice. In the framework of this project in Holešovice, the planned development of other administrative and commercial complexes in the area of the original Prague port, furthermore, also a luxury residential part with yacht harbour with the name of Prague Marina. In connection to the finished administrative building Lighthouse Tower and in the same time development in progress of the residential project Prague Marina, there Is a planned project Prague Marina Office Center, which is the future part of continuing revitalisation of the port Holešovice. In this connection the company České přístavy, j.c.s., offer for rent an unique apartments in area Prague Marina and for rent and archetypical historical building after theirs reconstruction for commercial purpose.

The company České přístavy, a.s. also co-operates with the group Lighthouse on the vision of next development and investments into the grounds which constitute the port Smíchov and which are the part of bigger development area Praha Smíchov - south. A building ban applies, among others, to these, which does not allow making changes of the territorial plan before the approval of the urbanity study whose contractor is the relevant city part. Until now, a proposal for a change of the territorial plan has been drawn up and submitted, which would enable to do development of approximately 40 to 50 thousand quadrate meters of residential and non-residential premises along the street Strakonická. The grounds on Císařská louka are situated in the flood land which does not enable to do the next building development. The establishment of park rest zone has been planned. Flood protection equipment will stand remained.

clanky/pristavy-14More informations about the projects "Prague Marina"," Prague Marina Office Center" and "Zelené Město" can be found on die pages:

Company České přístavy, j.s.c. offer a free commercial area in locality of Pardubice city. This work place offers since the year 2003 storage and handling with 20' and 40' containers on the outdoor area with acreage of 10 000 m˛ which constitutes possibility of storage of approx.300 containers. By virtue of the fitting of the tranship centre with a railway spur, also dispatching of container trains is enebled. Connecting with rental we offer commercial activities of container logistic services and the provision of services associated with the container carriage.

In locality of town Kolín and Pardubice we offer a free area and grounds for logistic purpose, or for projects of building.