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České přístavy, j.s.c.Ceske pristavy, j.s.c.Business activities

Business activities

České přístavy, j.s.c.

The main scope of business of the company are activities and services associated with the operation of ports, complex logistic services in the field of water, railway, road and combined transport and leases of areas and buildings. The relevant trade certificates are applied.

Subsidiary companies:clanky/pristavy-11

C-PORT, Ltd.

Performance of specific services in the Inland water carriage, as is performance of water works on the water route Elbe-Vltava or maintenance and cleaning of water routes. Furthermore, the company carries on business in the field of building wastes, excavation soil and underlease of spoil-tips and storage area for the waste taking and purchase of building materials.

T-PORT, Ltd.

The company has rented from the České přístavy, j.c.s., the ports Ústí n.L. and Děčín. It carries on business in the same extent as České přístavy, j.c.s.