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Foreign shipping

For carriage abroad, the vessels Apollo, Athena and Labe 25 are used. They are cargo cruiser with power of 456 kW:

Apollo – type 8 500 lifting capacity 1 004 tons; length 71,50 m; width 9,34 m; max. draught 240 cm
Athena - type 11 600 lifting capacity 1 174 tones; length 79,97 m; width 9,35 m; draught 240 cm
Labe 25 – type 11 600 lifting capacity 1 165 tones; length 79,90 m; width 9,20 m; max. draught 240 cm

clanky/melnik-06The vessels of foreign shipping are regularly going into the sea ports of North Sea, Baltic Sea and Wand ports in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. It is possible to transport the goods Into the ports of Switzerland and France, and by using channel Rhine-Mohan-Danube in the direction to the Danubian ports in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. These are ports situated on all European water routes.

Abroad and from abroad, mass substances, heavy and over-measurement items, Investment wholes and individual packages are carried. Furthermore, the foreign shipping carry out carriages of KASK vessels, floating elements and machinery and ships in the cargo premise also by dragging behind the vessel.

It is implied, that a big part of carriages, heavy items and investment wholes constitute, which arise from the fact that the biggest part on carriages of these goods the port Mělník has with the possibility of tranship and storage of these items, and with a long tradition and furthermore also by virtue of the checked and ensured routes of these over-measurement items from around the Czech Republic into the port České přístavy, j.s.c. Mělník. These carriages are usually directed further into the states of Benelux.

M three vessels have the installed system of satellite monitoring of the traffic through GPS and transfer of data through GSM. Furthermore, it is fitted with the measurement facility of PHM consumption, which enables to minimize costs of PHM, the share of which In total costs Is one of the highest. Also these data are transferred through GSM to be further processed.

On the boat Apollo a rudder facility was installed which ensures safety of the navigation and carriage of goods. For the future, transfer of push boat of type TR 610 with push barge TČ 1 100 and TČ 500 also in the foreign relations.


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