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Inland shipping

The company České přístavy, j.c.s. carries on own inland flotilla of river vessels comprising of big cargo push vessels with tonnage of 1000 tons in the number of 9 vessels, small cargo push vessels with tonnage of 500 tons in number of 5 vessels. Furthermore, there are push boats of type TR 610 (1 boat), TR 400/500 (9 boats), adjusted low-draughter TR 801 (1 boat) and one port TL (1 boat).

We dispose of floating cranes for tranship of vessels in inland relations regarding transported substances, as are gravel sand, stones and excavated material. The intent is to buy a band excavator by which the scope of services offered by us will be extended and required transport and tranship capacity in inland relations and projects will be Increased.

clanky/holesovice-02The device for measurement of PHM consumption and satellite monitoring of the position of the vessel through GPS have been already Installed on the most vessels. All data are transferred on-line through GPS for the next processing. Installations are also prepared for other vessels.

Push boats themselves or respectively boats with push barges are used for:

  • carriage of floating facilities and vessels, both own and other interested persons with regards to carriages on all navigable inland water routes of the Elbe river and the Vltava river.
  • carriage of excavated material and nibbles from cities into the disposal site of the river basin of the Elbe river and the Vltava river
  • carriage of gravel sand for buildings
  • carriage of stream deposits from the bottom of the rivers
  • the removal of stream deposits from the bottom of the river-channel in different places of the Elbe river and the Vltava river according to needs of the principal

On the ships lift in Holešovice, under-draught repair works of the parts of ship's body, changes and repairs of propellers and jets, of vessels are progressively performed, as well as controls of under-draught parts by Czech Shipping and Industrial Register (Český lodnf a průmyslový registr), State Navigation Administration (Státní plavební správa), etc. Furthermore, coating and maintenance of under-draught parts of the body.


Section of inland shipping
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