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Terminál Pardubice

Price list Černá za Bory  

The terminal is located in Černá za Bory in the area of Logistika Park (direction Drozdice). 
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From the railway station Pardubice - hlavní nádraží is far about 5 km by siding rail or 7 km by car. The terminal is connected to the railroad network by siding rail that meets the standards for daily and night operation. 

Operation of the terminal is focused on the container logistics (tranship and storage). At the same time there are offered complex customs services (customs warehouse). 

The terminal operates continuously. All the time the terminal is sable to release and receive containers, as well as receive complete trains. 

The terminal has the following areas: 

  • customs warehouse: 4 600 m2 (capacity: ca 100 containers 40")
  • area for storage of empty containers: 4 200 m2  (capacity: ca 500 containers 40")
  • remote areas for the storage of empty containers: 5 500 m2 (capacity: ca 250 containers 40")

There is currently scheduled to build a new terminal at the existing areal where it´ll be possible to unload the whole train at once. This is an extension of paved areas to the final area of 14 000 m2. For terminal workers is also built technical and administrative support.

At the terminal there are three heavy forklifts:

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  • Hyster H48.00C-16CH with lifting capacity 40 t
  • Linde C 4534 TL 4 with lifting capacity 45 t
  • Linde LHT 4123 CH5 with lifting capacity 41 t (combi spreader can also lift trailers and swap bodies with 4 folding lift legs) 


Media on the terminal:


Z Číny po kolejích až do Pardubic [PDF; 2,11 MB]




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